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        Shanghai Xin'an Curtain Wall Building &Decoration Co., Ltd.was established in 1994, is the construction curtain wall project specialized contracting grade 1, the construction curtain wall project design special promotion,"AAA" credit credit grade certificate, ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification Certificate, GB / T28001 occupational health and safetymanagement system certification of the professional building curtain wallcompany.

       The main projects  undertaken by the principalcurtain wall company in recent years include:Vietnam CR1-2 project;Shanghai Huashan apartment oldbuilding renovation project; Shanghai Zhangjiang Shengdi pharmaceutical head quarters office building; Shanghai Pujiang Township OCT 122-15 plots; Chinabusiness fly blessing bridge base; Wuhu Qiao Hong; Nanjing Great King Temple;Wanping South Road 88 project; Xuhui Hongqiao Business District;Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway Shanghai Hongqiao station project Shanghaistation, Jinshan station; Shanghai International Passenger Transport Centerproject; 16 shops comprehensive transformation (a) Shaped glass ceilingproject; Shanghai World Expo 2010 Expo axis and underground integratedEngineering (Expo Axis and Sun Valley project);Shanghai World Expo Museum ofthe United States, the Museum of Israel, Germany Hamburg Museum, China CityHall and other seven exhibition hall and two landmark projects;Shanghai NewInternational Expo Center; Vietnam National Convention Center; Singapore SandsBuilding; Shanghai by the International Hotel; Shanghai LiaochuangxingFinancial Building and a series of large-scale public construction projects.


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