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    Rhone-Alpes Pavilion, EXPO 2010

    Owner unit: Shanghai Expo Land Holding Co., Ltd.
    Design unit: Architect: ADD
    Curtain wall form:unit-type glass

    Project description

    Ah-region displayed the planning and construction of “Urban Lighting” system in Shanghai Expo. The pavilion was located in the Liveable Home of the best Urban Practise Area.Best Practice Area livable homes. Ah Alps region will be the Museum's "showcase", highlighting the Ah-Region in the potential aspect of economic, technological,cultural and tourism, the technology and innovation of Ah-enterprises’ arcology and urban lighting. Rhone - Alpes Museum covers an area of approximately 760 square meters with the total of 4 levels. Ground floor is the Exhibition Area and a conference room accomodating 80-150 persons. The building uses a series of split-level building design to connect the various spaces, which make people have a convenient walk and allow visitors to see all the exhibition areas at the same time. In the daytime, the pavilion will decorate the whole image through deformed image. At night,it will make lighting effects by special lighting equipment


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