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    Hamburg House, EXPO 2010

    Owner unit: Shanghai Expo Land Holding Co., Ltd.
    Design unit:Spengler Wiescholek 和Dittert & Reumschüssel
    Curtain wall form:glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall and copper curtain wall.

    Project description

    Best Practice Area "of Shanghai Expo city ,Hamburg House",building height of 18 meters, through a series of renewable energy such as solar energy use, to achieve self-sufficiency in building energy supply and zero emission, with Shanghai's climate, and create the relative isolation of space, without using any heating or air conditioning, which will be able to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and the environment, so warm in winter, cool in summer. "Hamburg House" was jointly designed by the Hamburg Spengler Wiescholek and Dittert & Reumschüssel . As the only one with its own exhibition of architectural works , Hamburg of the German will be at the Expo through the "Hamburg House" and a variety of exhibitions using urban sustainable development and ecological and environmental protection as he theme of the building.


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