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    Isreal Pavilion, EXPO 2010

    Owner unit: Shanghai Expo Land Holding Co., Ltd.
    Design unit:Haim Dotan
    Curtain wall form:glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall and copper curtain wall.

    Project description

    Israel National Museum because of its unique design is called "sea shells". The pavilion in the construction is full of with innovation and the future elements. The two hands together is surrounded by the composition of the streamlined body is a symbol of Israel's construction technology and innovation. The area of Israel Museum is approximately 1,200 square meters, divided into "Whispered Garden", "Hall of Light," "Innovation Agency" three experience areas. In building materials, the innovation hall was made from natural stone , which which symbol recycling of natural resources that linked with the earth, history, and the Light of the Hall using transparent PVC and glass materials is a symbol of technology, transparent, lightsome and future.


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