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    USA Pavilion, EXPO 2010

    Owner unit: Shanghai Expo Land Holding Co., Ltd.
    Design unit:Clive Grout
    Curtain wall form:glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall and copper curtain wall.

    Project description

    During the Expo 150 years of history, the US has successfully hosted 13 times world expo and the number of holding is the most in the world. The process of hosting the world exposition, almost is the process of America realizing industrialization and becoming strong Kingdom .United States signed the participation contract, becoming the first 240 confirmed exhibitors. 
    American Museum is located in Pudong of Shanghai World Expo Park (5280 square meters Expo) C area, which covers an area of 6,000 square meters, is one of the largest national pavilion. The total investment of about $ 61,000,000, showing the theme "Celebrate 2030."
    U.S. House to establish "Celebrate 2030" theme, which he called"a foreseeable future." There are three exhibition halls Auditorium providing for "2030" interpretation.


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