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    Alsace Pavilion, EXPO 2010

    Owner unit: Shanghai Expo Land Holding Co., Ltd.
    Design unit:Spengler Wiescholek 和Dittert & Reumschüssel
    Curtain wall form:glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall and copper curtain wall.

    Project description

    France, Alsace Museum, also known as "water curtain Museum" is another new design of the Alsace region of France on the base of their own environment maintenance practice in the Shanghai World Expo Park . The water curtain solar wall on south facade is the essence of the building. To achieve summer shade and cooling capabilities to the building, the solar water curtain wall was designed including three layers from outside to inside. The outer is solar panels and the first layer of glass, the middle layer is closed cabin, The back layer is water curtain (glass). It is reported that this system can play a role in any one of the world where hot summer and cold in winter.


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