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    Parcel F2 of Jiangwan New Town

    Owner unit: Shanghai Heting Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    Design unit:Shanghai Xiandai Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd.
    Curtain wall form:

    Project description

    Address: Parcel F2, Jiangwan New Town, Yangpu District, Shanghai


    Parcel F2 of Jiangwan New Town borders Yin’gao Road at its north, Jiangwan Road at its west, Yinzha Road at its east, Qinshi Road at its south. The whole development includes twelve residential towers (lower high-rises and high-rises) throughout the site, and two 12-storied apartment-style hotels at its south; 2,000mretail building lies at southwest corner, strategically closest to surrounding commercial areas. The clubhouse lies at the center of the site, serving as a focus of the whole development and located on middle axis of the project. Residential towers include T01T02T09T10T11T12T13T14T19T20T21T22T23T24T25T26 and clubhouse. It covers a floor area (phase I) of about 162782m2 (including basement, lower high-rise and high-rise residence); curtain wall areas are about 53549m2 and clubhouse curtain walls about 2400m2. Curtain wall system includes exposed-frame glass curtain walls, aluminum curtain walls, slate curtain walls, terrace glass railings, etc.


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