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    Shanghai rural commercial bank business processing center

    Owner unit: Shanghai Bank Card Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd.
    Design unit:Shanghai Institute of Architectural Design & Research Co., Ltd.
    Curtain wall form:Al-alloy door&window, copper curtian wall, frame typed glass curtian wall and rain awning etc.

    Project description

    This project lies in Phase II Bank Card Industrial Park of Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, close to Chuansha Road at its east, bordering Laian Road at its south, Lechang Road at its west and Jinxiu East Road at its north. It covers a total land area of 60326m2, a total floor area of 153182m2 and is 44.85m high. It mainly consists of two business tackling center buildings, data center building, conference & training building, canteen, auxiliary buildings, etc. Its curtain wall system includes steel-truss unit-type glass curtain walls, unit-type exposed-frame glass curtain walls, frame-type silver-frame glass curtain walls, full-glass curtain walls, large-area slate curtain walls, corridors, double-layer curtain walls and slate louvers, etc.


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